The Briefest Possible Summary

New Work is an ascent, an up-rising through the intelligent and imaginative use of a spate of startlingly innovative technologies, some of which are extremely basic, while others are miles beyond where computers are now.

These Technologies have in common that they are all “small-scale and small-space.” They no longer require gigantic factories with long lines of enormous machines that necessitate boatloads of capital. Instead, they can be grouped together in a neighborhood, or village or a community center. In short, one half of New Work is the transformation from Industrial to “Community Production.”  The result will be the creation of new enterprises, but also progressively the increasing local production of food, housing, and energy, and equally of furniture, appliances and clothing, and beyond that of still more of what is needed for a pleasurable, modern and fulfilling life.

The foundation of this New Economy, is the base on which a new system of work and eventually a new life-style and culture can be evolved.  Instead of being restricted to one ever more problematic mode of work, that of jobs, 

"I have tried to evolve an organically integrated set of policy proposals that would have the power not only to stop the appalling deterioration of our country – her accelerating descent into a pit of cynicism, passivity, violence and despair – but that, instead, would define a step by step process leading us back to the path of our original mission: to becoming the greatest force on the globe in the struggle for a more humane, a more intelligent and a more life-giving culture."

- Frithjof Bergmann

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